Buckets of joy on Christmas wish list

1 Dec 2016 3:41 PM - Heather Smith
Celebrating the Yellow Bucket Appeal are from left: YellowBridge chief financial officer Adrian Bonica, CEO Penny Hamilton and McConachie Stedman director Scott Cutmore
The 2nd Yellow Bucket Appeal is transforming the humble plastic bucket into a symbol of kindness and joy this Christmas.

Two hundred yellow buckets will be filled with gourmet Christmas goodies and gifted to local people who need it most.

The Appeal is in its second year and is run by local not-for-profit organisation YellowBridge QLD.

“Our only wish this Christmas is to fill 200 buckets with edible joy,” said YellowBridge QLD chief executive Penny Hamilton.

“Last year we achieved 100 buckets which was a great result for our first year but we hope to double the joy this time,” Ms Hamilton said.

“Christmas is meant to be a special time of the year filled with love and happiness. Sadly, this is not the case for some people who will spend Christmas alone or are unable to afford extra special food to make it a memorable day for them and their family.”

“With the help of YellowBridge’s friends, supporters and the community, we hope to add beautiful Christmas fare to 200 dining tables this year.”

This wish struck a chord with Toowoomba’s largest, locally-owned accounting firm, McConachie Stedman, who is the Appeal’s first major sponsor.

“We know the good work that YellowBridge does in the community and my fellow directors and our staff wanted to support that in some way,” said director Scott Cutmore.

“We have been operating in Toowoomba for more than 65 years so we really care about the local community,” he said.

“Helping local people by supporting the Yellow Bucket Appeal seemed a wonderful way for us to share the true spirit of Christmas.”

“We are really pleased to partner with YellowBridge as their first major sponsor and our staff have embraced the mission and are enthusiastically compiling their donations of Christmas treats.”

Donations will be packaged in to the yellow bucket hampers and hand-delivered by YellowBridge to people who are known to be in most need.

All donations are gratefully accepted and can be delivered to YellowBridge at 2a Station Street or 46 Hill Street by 16 December.

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