Clean deal helps community spirit shine

23 Mar 2016 5:12 PM - Heather Smith

Two Toowoomba businesses have formed an unusual partnership in the name of community spirit.

Not-for-profit community services group YellowBridge QLD has teamed up with car wash business Baywash Southside to raise funds for special projects that support people in need.

“This is a simple, perfect example of one local business helping another local business for a good cause,” said Penny Hamilton, YellowBridge QLD chief executive.

“In my experience, good things happen when good people work together for good reasons,” she said.

“We’re really pleased to have found a like-minded partner in Baywash Southside to help us continue the important work we do in the local community.”

Each time one of YellowBridge’s 20 fleet vehicles is washed at the Ruthven Street car wash, Baywash Southside will donate 10% towards YellowBridge projects.

According to Baywash Southside owner Kathy McGowan it is a win-win outcome.

“It was a good opportunity to support another local business in their valuable community work,” Mrs McGowan said.

“In return, they support our local business so I see it as a goodwill partnership that has only benefits and winners for lots of people,” she said.

The donations will support YellowBridge’s Bright Futures program, which is a new initiative to deliver special projects that help people with a disability, older residents and those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

YellowBridge is preparing to launch its first major initiative under the Bright Futures program in May.

“The support and services we provide are done for, and on behalf of, the local community,” Ms Hamilton said.

“It really is a community-wide effort and we are so pleased to have the practical support of other local businesses like Baywash Southside,” she said.

“I really do believe that partnerships of this type are the way of the future if the business and community sector want to work together to create a better community.”