Safe and sound in Clifton

31 Mar 2017 11:16 AM -
Lynelle Fenner is a fourth-generation Clifton resident and hopes to continue living on the family property for many years to come.

Fortunately, there is support available to help people like Mrs Fenner who want to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Local not-for-profit organisation YellowBridge QLD delivers the government-funded Home Assist Secure program in Clifton.

The program helps older Australians and people with a disability improve the safety and security of their homes including smoke alarms, door and window locks, security screens, outdoor sensor lights and small maintenance jobs.

The view from Mrs Fenner’s sunny porch takes in grassy paddocks and distant mountains. It is obvious why she loves where she lives.

“I’ve lived in the Clifton district on and off for nearly 50 years,” she said.

“When my city friends visit the first thing they notice is the country scenery. It reminds me of how special it really is.”

“It means a lot to me to be able to still live on my family’s property with all of the memories. It’s my nest and that’s that.”

Mrs Fenner was one of the first students to attend Clifton State High School and has fond memories of riding horses and attending dances in the local hall.

She has always been a keen musician and regularly plays the accordion, keyboard, piano and organ.

“There’s something special about this place. Lots of people ‘come home’ to the Downs after working and living in other places but you never hear anyone say they’ve gone home to Mt Gravatt!”

To find out more about Home Assist Secure phone YellowBridge QLD on 1300 882 764.