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Penny Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer

(07) 4639 3821

Penny Hamilton has more than 30 years of experience working with rural communities and has a strong passion for the ingenuity and resilience of people in rural and remote regions. Her professional life has spanned multiple disciplines including social sciences, agriculture, rural education, environment and the business of not for profits. Penny has undertaken the Senior Managers Program through the Melbourne University School of Business and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a Master of Agricultural Science, and has always taken full advantage of professional development and is a keen student of life-long learning. Penny has a passion for workforces that are healthy, happy, balanced and cohesive. She loves the exuberance of youth and their ability to do almost anything, the people of her generation for their great skills and adaptability, and the elderly for their treasures of wisdom and tolerance.

Direct: (07) 4690 1125
Mobile: 0438 625 371

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Adrian Bonica

Chief Financial Officer

(07) 4639 3821

Adrian is a qualified accountant and financial manager with over 20 years’ experience in providing commercial business, advisory and accounting expertise to various sectors including health, hospitality, agriculture and retail. Having begun his managerial career with Carlton & United Breweries in the early 1990’s, Adrian then formalised his commercial acumen which led to a professional accounting career and local small business ownership. Adrian has a passion for education and development. He holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Law), a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting and is currently undertaking a Master of Business Administration. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Adrian’s strong belief in social justice has driven his involvement in the Not for Profit sector as well as sitting on the boards of other local charity organisations. Adrian is driven to see others succeed, through support, education and empowerment.

Direct: (07) 4690 1116
Mobile: 0475 954 767

Darce Foley

General Manager Housing & Youth Services

(07) 4639 3821

Darce has proven experience in the community sector with roles in community mental health, employment, disability services, youth, community welfare and social housing. He joined YellowBridge QLD in 2012 where he leads the Housing program. He is a Member of the Toowoomba Housing and Homelessness Coalition, Regional Representative for QShelter and holds qualifications in community services and development, mental health and social housing. In 2017, Darce expanded his managerial portfolio to include YellowBridge's new Youth Services program, which includes The Haven, a supported accommodation facility for young people aged 16 - 18 years who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Darce is a strong advocate for equality and social justice, particularly to reduce homelessness in our community.

Direct: (07) 4690 1123
Mobile: 0448 914 417

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Jodie Collins

General Manager Disability Services

(07) 4639 3271

Jodie has extensive experience in the community services sector with professional roles in aged care, allied health, training, disability management, and lifestyle and leisure coordination. She commenced her career as an Enrolled Nurse in Dalby and holds Diplomas in Community Services Management and Leisure and Health. She joined YellowBridge QLD in 2015 to lead the organisation’s transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Direct: (07) 4620 0302
Mobile: 0438 472 294

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Maria Sloane

General Manager Home Services

(07) 4632 3233

Maria has a broad range of experience within the agricultural, health, aged care and government sectors. She is an experienced manager and was awarded the 2014 Manager of the Year Award at the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. She joined YellowBridge in 2010, then known as Toowoomba Community Housing Service.

Direct: (07) 4620 0307
Mobile: 0418 154 661

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Kim Burow

Workplace Health and Safety Manager

(07) 4639 3271

Kim has worked in the community services sector for over 13 years and is experienced in disability support provision and coordination and workplace health and safety implementation and management. She holds qualifications in internal auditing, disability services and workplace health and safety as well as a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Her passion for staff wellness and safety drives her to try and create a workplace that is inclusive of all and known for putting their people first. She strives to provide an atmosphere of collaboration between management, staff, clients and carers to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders. Kim prides herself on being able to provide support to diverse areas and achieve thoughtful and appropriate advice.

Direct: (07) 4620 0311
Mobile: 0448 028 666

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Sandy Jenkinson

Senior Administration Manager

(07) 4639 3821

Sandy is an experienced and skilled administrator. She has spent more than 30 years working in a variety of local, state and national organisations including Pony Club South Australia, community psychology and diabetes clinics, RSPCA Queensland and Medicare Local Mental Health. Sandy joined YellowBridge QLD in 2015 where she leads the corporate administration team and provides personal assistance to the Chief Executive Officer.

Direct: (07) 4690 1112
Mobile: 0407 344 669