Our corporate policies

Policies are an official position statement of YellowBridge QLD and establish the key principles and provisions that govern decision-making processes.

The Policy Framework is intended to:

  • Provide employees, Board members, volunteers and contractors with high quality policy documents that can be easily accessed and readily understood;
  • Achieve an improved rate of compliance with legislation and other mandated requirements;
  • Enable YellowBridge QLD to achieve enhanced efficiency in its operations;
  • Provide appropriate quality assurance and monitoring processes and ensure that the policies are being developed, reviewed and updated appropriately on a rolling systematised cycle; and
  • Ensure policy documents reflect governance and policy development best practice
If you require access to other polices not listed, please contact us.

To view any of the following policies, please click on the relevant document.

Human Resources

Anti Discrimination and Harassment
(PDF 241KB)

Employment (PDF 156KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity (PDF 153KB)

Volunteers (PDF 159KB)

Wellness (PDF 236KB)


Community Engagement (PDF 239KB)

Confidentiality and Privacy (PDF 242KB)

Conflict of Interest (PDF 247KB)

Legislative Compliance (PDF 235KB)

Quality (PDF 236KB)

Risk Management (PDF 235KB)


Media Relations (PDF 240KB)


Service Provision (PDF 311KB)

Service Recipient Fee (PDF 155KB)

Preventing and Responding to Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (PDF 157KB)


Sponsorship and Donations (PDF 238KB)

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (PDF 244KB)